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Quality testing

Our products are tested to survive the toughest travel conditions, and then some.

Rigorously tested

To ensure the highest level of quality and durability, we put our products and materials through a battery of 40 tests.Here we will show the most commonly used scenarios.

Tumble test

The case is loaded with 16 kg (for Carry-Ons) and placed inside a rotating chamber full of obstacles designed to maximize high drops and hard impacts – simulating rough handling during transport. The test is run for 25 cycles.

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Telescopic handle jerk test

The suitcase is loaded with up to 25 kg, and suspended in the air by the telescopic handle. It is lifted, dropped, and then suddenly stopped by the telescopic handle after freefalling a specified distance. This cycle is repeated 300 times.

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Wheel abrasion test

The suitcase is loaded with up to 25 kg  and placed with all four wheels in contact with two rollers spinning at a speed equivalent to 4 km/h. The rollers have bumps to simulate uneven terrain. This test is run for the equivalent of 32 km.

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Drop test

The suitcase is stored at -12°C for 4 hours before testing, and then loaded with up to 25 kg inside. It is then dropped on each surface, edge, and corner from a height of 90 cm.

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fabric test

Does this effect amaze you?

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