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Upgrade Your Travel Experience:

Explore Our Stylish and Functional Luggage

Upgrade Your Travel Experience:

Explore Our Stylish and Functional Luggage


Convenient storage suitcase

Considering appearance and function, a new product was developed


Silent series

STABLITY patented universal wheels, double-row silent, not afraid of bad weather, high temperature can reach 60℃, low temperature can reach -12℃, still intact

Our honor

design award

The Red Dot is the award for superlative design
quality. The international jury only awards the highly
sought-after seal of quality to products that are
characterised by outstanding design.

iF Design was founded in 1953, and just one year later the globally recognized iF DESIGN AWARD was given for the first time as a symbol of outstanding design. The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important and prestigious design awards in the world.

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In this journey full of innovation and passion, our company is always committed to creating reliable and innovative travel solutions...

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