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Article: Folding luggage: the perfect combination of travel and storage

Folding luggage: the perfect combination of travel and storage
folding suitcase

Folding luggage: the perfect combination of travel and storage

With the development of tourism, travel has become an indispensable part of modern people's lives. In travel, luggage are essential items, and their convenience and functionality are particularly important. Today, I will introduce you to an innovative travel companion - the PEBBLE series. This luggage can not only meet your various needs during travel, but also save you a lot of storage space at home.

Product specifications and capacity

First, let's take a look at the specifications and capacity of this folding luggage:

PEBBLE 20lite: The capacity is 35L, suitable for short trips or carry-on. This lightweight luggage not only passes the carry-on baggage restrictions of most airlines, but also has excellent portability. Whether it is a business trip or a short weekend trip, the 20-inch Lite version can provide you with enough storage space while reducing the burden of travel.

PEBBLE 20: The capacity is 40L, suitable for medium and short trips. Compared to the Lite version, the 20-inch standard version retains the lightweight design and adds 5L of storage space, so that it can accommodate more items while meeting the carry-on requirements, which is suitable for journeys that require a little more luggage.

PEBBLE 24: The capacity is 86L, ​​suitable for long-distance travel or family travel. The 24-inch luggage provides more storage space and is ideal for long-distance travel. You can easily put down multiple sets of clothes, toiletries, electronic devices, etc., and there is even enough space to store family members' items. This luggage performs particularly well in travel and meets your various storage needs.

PEBBLE 30: The capacity is 106L, suitable for long-term travel or multi-person travel. For those who need to carry a lot of luggage or travel for a long time, the 30-inch luggage is undoubtedly the best choice. Its large capacity can accommodate almost all items you may need on the road, from clothing to souvenirs. Moreover, the design of this luggage still maintains excellent durability and portability, making your travel easier and more enjoyable.

Innovative folding design

The biggest feature of this luggage is its innovative folding design. Through the clever internal structure, the luggage, which was originally 28 cm thick, is only 11 cm thick after folding. This means that without increasing the storage space, you can use one luggage as two at home. This design not only solves the problem of the large area occupied by the luggage, but also greatly facilitates daily storage.

Material and durability

The luggage adopts a four-layer PC material box, which has excellent pressure resistance and is not easy to deform. Even if it encounters extrusion or collision during the journey, it can effectively protect the safety of the items in the box. The surface of the box is treated with matte fine orange grain, which is anti-collision and wear-resistant, not afraid of scratches, adding a layer of protection for your travel.

Interior design

The interior of theluggage is made of peach skin lining, and the surface is covered with microfiber short velvet, which feels soft and comfortable, and can effectively protect your items from scratches. The high-quality interior not only improves the use experience, but also increases the overall grade of the luggage.

Silent universal wheel

In order to make your travel smoother, this luggage is equipped with a silent universal wheel. This type of wheel can adapt to various road surfaces, is 360 degrees smooth and silent, and greatly reduces the noise when the luggage is dragged. At the same time, the low-wear design of the wheel ensures its durability for long-term use.

External materials

The folding layer of the luggage is made of wear-resistant and scratch-resistant Oxford cloth, which has good water-repellent performance and is very convenient to clean. This layer of material not only increases the durability of the luggage, but also improves its overall protection ability.

Safety lock and pull rod design

The luggage is equipped with a TSA customs password lock, which can effectively avoid violent unlocking and ensure the safety of your belongings. The aluminum alloy pull rod has strong fatigue resistance, supports three-speed adjustment, and can be switched freely during use, providing you with a better use experience. The double-track zipper adopts the explosion-proof design of the well-known brand YKK, which is smooth and not stuck, further improving the safety and convenience of the luggage.

Appearance design

The two sides of the luggage are designed with metal electroplated magnetic buckles and leather fixing strips, which are not only beautiful and generous, but also increase the stability of the luggage. This design not only reflects the modern fashion sense, but also has practical functions.


In general, this folding luggage stands out among many luggage products with its innovative design and high-quality materials. Whether it is a short trip or a long trip, it can provide you with the best use experience. When not in use, it can also save a lot of storage space through the folding design, which is an ideal choice for your travel and home storage.

If you are looking for a luggage that is both beautiful and practical, this folding luggage is definitely worth considering. Whether it is its innovative design, excellent materials and functions, it can add a lot of convenience and fun to your travel. I hope this blog can help you better understand this folding luggage, and look forward to your next trip being more pleasant and smooth!

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