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JOLLYING always treats employees as the most important assets and advocates family culture. We promote the spirit of JOLLYING “respect your work and keep innovative” and let employees be modest and hard-working. To cultivate a high-quality talent team, JOLLYING not only has a reasonable salary system and appraisal mechanism, but also provides a competitive career development platform.

Talent Development

JOLLYING has firmly believed that the driving force of sustainable development is talents. JOLLYING provides internal and external training courses for employees, including face-to-face teaching, on-the-job learning, communication among companies, to develop the potential and innovation of employees.

Balance between work and life

With family culture, JOLLYING tries to balance the work and life for employees. JOLLYING has good facilities for healthy life and regularly organizes basketball game, birthday party, festival party and all kinds of recreational activities.

Safety First

JOLLYING always has a goal“low risk, low accident”. We regularly carry out safety education course and practice to keep a safe and healthy working environment for employees.